White Square | Белый Квадрат




White Square International Festival of Creativity continues to call for entries and invites representatives of marketing, digital, creative and communication agencies to submit their best projects, implemented from January 1, 2022 to April 28, 2023, in DIGITAL CONTEST.

In addition to DIGITAL, participants are welcome to submit entries in the following contests


DIGITALCONTEST includes 30 nominations in 4 categories:


  • D1 Websites
  • D2 Interactive projects
  • D3 Pre-rolls
  • D4 Web banners
  • D5 Digital Campaign
  • D6 Native Advertising
  • D7 Branded tech and innovations
  • D8 Digital Craft
  • D9 Non-profit / charity

The contest celebrates communications using technologies as an integral component of creative idea and digital as necessary medium for its execution. Criteria of judging are idea, its execution, relevance of selected platform and results.


  • G1 Mobile websites
  • G2 Apps
  • G3 Games
  • G4 AR / VR / 360º videos
  • G5 Activation by location / Voice activation
  • G6 Advanced Learning Technologies
  • G7 Mobile Tech and Innovations
  • G8 Non-profit / charity

The contest celebrates communications translated via mobile devices that are an integral component of creative idea and its execution. Criteria of judging are idea, its execution, relevance of selected platform and results.


  • SI1 Social Campaigns
  • SI2 Co-creation & Users Generated Content
  • SI3 Real-time Response
  • SI4 Influencer Campaign
  • SI5 Targeted Communication
  • SI6 Social Business & Commerce
  • SI7 Non-profit/Charity

Social media communications, celebrity and influencer campaigns. Entries will need to demonstrate how levels of engagement, social reach and the creative use of social media, brand ambassadors and influencers led to commercial success.


  • T1 Data-enhanced Creativity
  • T2 Data driven Targeting
  • T3 Data storytelling
  • T4 Use of Real-time Data
  • T5 Social Data & Insight
  • T6 Non-profit / charity

The contest celebrates communications based on interaction of ideas and information. Entries should demonstrate how creative use, interpretation and analysis of data drove the increase of effectiveness of brand communications. Criteria of judging: strategy 30%, use of data 30%, innovations 20%, results 20%.

Entries are accepted online until April 28, discounted conditions for submission are available till March 31, 2023.

The entries in DIGITAL CONTEST will be evaluated by Marketing & Digital jury line-up, professionals with international recognition in the industry, representatives of leading network and local, digital agencies from all over the world, who have numerous awards and experience of judging prestigious creativity festivals around the world. White Square Festival jury share the principles of socially responsible marketing, peacefulness and defends universal human values. Formed jury line-ups will be announced at the end of March.

The high level of judging, professional competence and impartiality in the evaluation of entries are one of the strengths of White Square FestivalAnnually agencies from more than 35 countries of the world, including Europe, the USA, China, MENA region, CIS countries, Asia, Latin America and others, submit their best entries in the sphere of marketing, digital, advertising and communications to get the recognition of the professional jury and awards of the Festival.

To submit the entry in DIGITAL CONTEST participants need to format it according to the technical requirements. Entries will be judged in English, so all the submitted entries must be translated into English or have English subtitles. To upload the entries participants are to register on the website by clicking on the button "SUBMIT ENTRY", enter all the requested data, go through the process of submitting in personal cabinet in the selected nominations and wait for confirmation from the Festival moderators within 3 working days.

If the entry fits into other contests, participants can submit it in additional categories for consideration by other jury line-ups, which may increase the chances of winning.

A complete guide to submitting entries can be found in the Entry Kit.