White Square


The jury of White Square 2021 will be represented by creative and art directors, top managers of the leading international agencies which headline creativity rankings in their markets - persons with worldwide recognition in advertising from more than 30 countries, holding tones of prestigious festival awards, including numerous Cannes Lions, and rich experience of judging at most remarkable creative festivals around the globe. 

Entries at White Square 2021 will be judged by six jury categories: CREATIVE JURY, BRANDING JURY, MARKETING JURY, MEDIA JURY, DIGITAL JURY and special GRAND JURY team consisting of the Chairmen of all jury categories Grand Prix of the festival will be awarded by special Grand Jury team consisting of the Chairmen of all jury categories.         

The judging of all jury groups will take place in early June. Right after this all the shortlists will be available on the website. Prize-winners (golds, silvers and bronzes) will be announced at awards show on June 11. 

Full jury list will be announced in February.

Evaluation of entries at White Square is based on Regulation of jury work which defines all the rules, criteria and mechanics of judging. The Regulation is based on the principles of impartiality, objectivity and professionalism. The main criteria for the jury are originality and creativeness of idea and quality of its execution.