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Founder, Editor In Chief, Insights Media

Andrea is a visionary entrepreneur and creative leader who founded Insights, a marketing, innovation, and creativity platform, created to inspire and empower and visualize individuals, brands and organizations to harness the power of innovation and creativity to achieve their goals.

As the creator of the worldwide renowned REINVENTION events, Andrea has brought together over 120 speakers from all around the world to share their insights and expertise with audiences in Latin America. Her passion for recognizing and celebrating excellence in the industry also led her to create the Lux Awards, which honor outstanding work in advertising, strategy, content creation, innovation, entrepreneurship, audiovisual production, and branding by Ecuadorian companies.

With a major in Business and a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communication, Andrea is currently pursuing an MBA in Creative Leadership at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. Her impressive resume includes serving as a jury member for various local, regional, and global festivals, solidifying her position as a true industry leader.