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Co-Founder & CEO, Adspur Awards Calendar

Colin began his career at BEAM.TV, helping build the platform that powered some of the biggest awards in the industry, including Cannes Lions, The Andy’s and Clios. In this role for over 10 years, he was responsible for helping entrants to keep track of their work while working closely with the awards to help them reach a wider audience.

This led to the opportunity to solve both problems at the same time, through the creation of a new platform, Adspur. Bringing all the awards into a centralised calendar, Adspur puts the power back in the hands of the entrants as they track, improve and share their entries while navigating the ever-changing calendar of deadlines, extensions and late fees.

Through his 20+ years of experience in the creative Awards industry, he has hosted over 100 judging events worldwide, and is looking forward to the opportunity to finally give his opinion.