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CEO, We Digital

Denis was the Head of Marketing Communications at the Tower, where he developed and implemented marketing strategies of company’s brands in retail, real estate and fashion categories and also directed launch of integrated marketing and trade campaigns.

After that Denis has joined We Digital Agency as a Marketing Partner, where he is managing a team of 35+ people, developing and implementing product, HR, finance and marketing strategies of the company, directing development of strategy and creative works, leading teams in launch of 100+ digital campaigns, led the company to the title of the #1 Digital & SMM agency in Central Asia, according to AdAsia 2022 Rankings

Denis also is also a Speaker & Mentor of Alpha Education, where he has educated 300+ students in marketing communications and delivered 120+ lectures on digital marketing.

He has been a jury member of E+ Awards Central Asia. And also Denis is the Winner of UK Alumni Awards, which is an annual competition among graduates from UK universities around the world, that recognizes outstanding professional achievements and contribution to the development of their countries.