White Square | Белый Квадрат


Social Media & Activation Creative Director, MRM Romania

A passionate writer working for 14 years on digital playgrounds, Ioana is happy to have found all that she loves about advertising in her current role — reactiveness, real consumer engagement and the always-on opportunity to land in pop culture. As a creative fascinated about technology and new media, Ioana is constantly trying to innovate the work and push the limits of her clients — the results being recognized at Cannes Lions, Golden Drum, Effie and local festivals.

As someone who can’t resist social injustice, she has collaborated along the years in multidisciplinary teams that promoted social inclusion through human-centered design,
play or sports. Because of her leadership roles in recent years, Ioana has also grown a deep interest in what drives productivity and what motivates different generations in the workplace, looking in particular at Gen Z and how they (will) shape our industry, and the world.

Ioana is also a full-time feminist and a part-time joker, a lover of the great outdoors and the human of two rescue pets, Sancho the dog and Chee-Chee the cat, that she’s afraid to turn into TikTok celebrities — because who knows what they will ask of her when given that immense power.