White Square | Белый Квадрат


Creative Director, FamousGrey Brussels

Laurie came from Belgium where she studied in a business school and a college of art at the same time (she always loved challenges). Worked as a copywriter at J. Walter Thompson, but then decided that she could express herself much better with art direction. Traveler by nature, she agreed to lead a creative studio in French Polynesia before moving to Paris, where she stayed for more than 7 years. Passionate about new media (digital, interactive design, etc ...) among other things, she set up the first digital division within Y&R Paris and leaded as Creative Director the fashion department at Happiness Brussels. For two years she worked as a freelance in Amsterdam for agencies like Sid Lee, 180 Amsterdam,  CloudFactory, Achtung Amsterdam, Amsterdam Worldwide.

Laurie has a great judging experience as:
• President Jury Digital at Le CLub de DA Paris
• Creative Jury Prints and Outdoor at Eurobest.
• Creative Jury Digital at Creative Club of Belgium.
• President Jury Digital at Le CLub de DA Paris.
• Jury Prints and Outdoor at Club des DA Paris.
• Jury and professor Art Direction at Le 4/ Iscom Paris.
• Jury at Le Futur Prix Paris.

Throughout her career Laurie has been recognized by many prestigious awards:
1 Gold Creative Commerce Cannes Lions 2022
1 Gold +1 Silver + 1 Bronze CCB Awards 2017
1 Silver in Film Eurobest 2016
5 Gold + 2 Silver CCB Awards 2016
3 Bronze CCB Awards 2016
3 Shortlists Cannes 2015
1 Gold Lion Promo/Activation Cannes 2015
3 Bronze in Promo & Activation and Outdoor Eurobest 2015
2 Silver in Media Eurobest 2015
2 Bronze in PR Eurobest 2015
FWA Mobile Award 2014
SHOTS film selection 2009
1 Silver Epica award 2008
1 Bronze Epica award 2006
2 times winner YOUNG CREATIVES Belgium