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Creative Partner of yourDIGITAL, #CancerHacker, Board Member of ADCI, Co-founder of IF! Italians Festival and #AuroraFellows

Multi-awarded Digital Integrated Creative Director and #CancerHacker, Massimiliano Maria Longo is among the most influential and award-winning experts in digital communication in Italy.

He is the Co-founder and Vice President of the Homo ex Machina Foundation and Aurora Fellows. He also co-founded the Italian creativity festival IF! #ItaliansFestival For ADCI - Art Directors Club Italiano, he is a Jury Member, Proboviro, past Executive Board Member, and Ambassador for the Italian Young Lions at #CannesYoungLions

From 2002 to 2018, he was a digital integrated experience strategist and Creative Director at JWT, RMG Connect, Blast Radius, Possible, Wunderman, and J.W. Thompson Italia (WPP), where in 17 years of his career - thanks to his strategic, technological and creative skills - he formed, coordinated, and directed hybrid teams on Fortune 100 brands campaigns such as Heineken, FCA, Jaguar Land Rover, Ford, Microsoft, De Beers, Nestlé, Diesel, Vodafone, Sony, Coca-Cola, ENI, J.P. Morgan, MySpace, GSK Novartis, and Abbott.

In September 2018, he was diagnosed with an advanced multi-organ metastatic tumor that deprived him of his intestine, peritoneum, part of his liver, and bladder. Downshift: he left the leadership of Wunderman Thompson agencies and joined the Fractional Top Manager team of yourDIGITAL in 2019. In the hottest July of the last 100 years, during his last chemotherapy cycle, he set out from Milan and crossed the Sahara with two friends on his vintage Yamaha Ténéré, reaching the Hermitage of Foucauld in the Algerian desert. To face the most extreme pilgrimage ever attempted in chemotherapy and transcend pain, he succeeded thanks to a series of targeted integrative therapies supported by biometric, genomic data, and artificial intelligence, orchestrated by Longo and verified by his entourage. This feat is also recounted by the namesake scientist Prof. Valter Longo, who included Massimiliano's case in his clinical studies described in the Amazon Best Seller "Fasting Cancer. "

But a recurrence of metastases in 2020 also deprived him of a kidney and 12 other organ parts, confining him to a wheelchair with a colostomy and undergoing immunotherapy with humanized murine chimera enzymes. The treatment, for now, works; probably due to a violent interaction of Killer lymphocytes between the third vaccine dose, immunotherapy, and seasonal vaccine, which ended up chaining together like a gravitational slingshot.

In 2022, Yamaha welcomed him with the role of #TénéréSpirit Ambassador, and he took part in the DEUS Swank Rally of Sardinia as a team with the Racing Team of the Dakar Champion Alessandro Botturi. But 2023 holds new existential challenges: a second recurrence of the tumor, a nephrostomy, and consequently, new chemo-immunotherapy, preventing the reconnection of the remaining organs but not dedicating himself to continue his research on the potential of creative human-machine singularity. He is currently undergoing his 4th therapy cycle but continues to inspire the Young Creative Lions of ADCI and the youngest talents of #AuroraFellows, and above all, he dedicates himself to the family startup: the Franco Longo Foundation for generative and digital arts, together with his father, artist Franco Longo, one of the pioneers of video art in Italy in the 1970s.

Massimiliano Maria Longo : #CANCERhacker
IF! Italians Festival : co-founder
Proboviro and Ambassador : #ADCI - Art Directors Club Italiano
Vice President : #HomoExMachina #AuroraFellows
Creative Partner : yourDIGITAL