White Square | Белый Квадрат


Creative Group Head, Gforce

Started her career in 2010 as an intern copywriter at the local agency Wise Central Asia. After that, she worked at Universal Communication, RED Agency and Cheil Kazakhsta, and then at BBDO CA, where she became a creative director and helped the agency reach the 2nd line of the regional creativity rating.

In 2020, she joined the GForce team as a grouphead on the creative team.

Worked with international brands — Samsung, Snickers, Orbit, Twix, Mars, Sheba, Kinder, Doritos, Henkel, Carlsberg, Visa and others, as well as with local brands of Kazakhstan - Kazakhtelecom, Beeline, Kaspi and others.

She has KIAF, White Square, Idea, Popok, Red Jolbors award and she is also the two-time winner of Young Lions Kazakhstan.