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Adrenaline Rush


Insight and Idea Insight: to change the perception of fear, and show that for Adrenaline Rush brand, fear is the source of inspiration. Idea: we created the first-ever soundtracks based on the heartbeat amplitude of the musicians, whereas pulse was recorded at the fearful adrenaline moments. Strategy and Targeting The audience of the brand is millennials 18-35 (focus: 20-25 years). They set ambitious goals but the fear of failure stops them to achieve. The brand believes that adrenaline helps us to step towards the goal and gives the energy to take an action. Execution We collaborated with three the most famous and talented Russian DJs for the experiment. We challenged them to get inspired by what they fear most and recorded their heart rate at the peak adrenaline moments. Then using data from the monitors, DJs wrote the first ever soundtracks based on their heartbeat amplitude in a personal style. After the experiment, we created the first compilation album on the heartbeat and used it to accompany videos that documented the adrenaline moments. The campaign allowed for an immersive experience on social media and inspired its viewers for an "art meets data" approach to content in everyday situation. As a result, we created a long-form brand content that affords more space for telling stories that transfix users and create emotional connections. This is how we turned dreadful adrenaline-full moments into music and inspiration. Result description Absolute actual figures Total views: 74 438 397 Total impressions: 161 825 805 Total reach: 30 838 272