Utair: Dream Destination Experiment

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Utair airlines


Why is this work relevant for Entertainment? We needed to communicate the brand’s vision, its philosophy, to the general public. But telling people something does not mean getting them interested. We had to achieve personal relevance, to really resonate — to make the viewers re-evaluate their usual behavior as problematic. We realized that we couldn’t achieve this goal in 15 seconds of a TV ad, right next to fruit juice or pills. Digital format gave us much more opportunities, freeing us from time constraints; and the social experimental approach seemed like a brilliant solution for the task. Also, by conducting an experiment, we could engage the younger audience which mostly consists of Utair brand rejectors. And as we know, marketing efforts targeted toward savvy, demanding millenials need to foster engagement through entertainment. Background S7 & Aeroflot, the key players in the market, reinforce the category’s perception of exclusivity. Their aim is to win over the small but wealthy segment of people flying abroad. Hence, their communication looks accordingly — touting dream destinations, remotest corners of the planet, and the best sights and cuisines from all over the world. Describe the creative idea Traditional thinking says that in order to experience genuine emotions, you have to go to “places where no one expected you”: foreign countries and unexplored lands. In fact, the complete opposite is true: nothing holds such a firm and stable emotional hold over us as places and people from our childhood. We wanted to confirm this as something more than an empty statement, but as a scientific fact. Describe the strategy Utair data shows: more than 70% of those flying out of Moscow have regional passport codes (i.e. they were born and raised in other Russian cities before moving to Moscow). We established that these people often avoid visiting their childhood towns, while regularly vacationing abroad. Influenced by scenic foreign sights on Instagram and inspiring ads praising exotic locales, people feel obliged to partake in the spectacle. Moreover, after moving to the affluent Moscow, people start feeling ashamed of their modest provincial origins. Flying to a small Russian city for a vacation is unglamorous, and is often scoffed at by friends and colleagues. Many people simply become jaded by the big city and lose contact with their loved ones. Describe the execution The aim of the video is to help those people overcome the reluctance to spend a vacation in their hometown, remove the stigma of such a trip, and show that going where you belong can be no less emotional than a tropical trip. (edited)