Logo and corporate identity of “Sensei” Academy of Marketing

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“Sensei” Academy of Marketing


Since 2011 “Sensei” Academy of Marketing offers wide range of trainings in marketing and management. The Academy has realized more than 100 trainings and has more than 1000 students. The diplomas and certificated given by Academy are recognized among big companies of Armenia. In 2019, Academy updated the corporate style, making it brighter, modern, dynamic, at the same time reflecting the mission of the company. New logo of “Sensei” Academy of Marketing is Sensei. It is presented in three versions, differing in the length of the beard and colors, symbolizing the three levels of training programs: primary, intermediate and higher. In addition, the sensei can “go out of the logo”, become a brand character, and take on various poses, from “meditating” to active. The rules of all transformations are described in the brand book. On the pages of the site, as well as on souvenir vignettes, each student of the Academy becomes a sensei himself.