Lwiwske Eksportowe – the legend of Lviv brewery

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To launch a new beer taste, the receipt of which was created at the beginning of the 20th century, we traveled back in time. We used retro stylistic, supported with relevant music and bright characters to implement the main idea – the rebirth of the legendary beer, which was well-known and appreciated in Europe. A TV-spot is a story about Lviv brewers who are exporting beer to European countries. The severe borders look vigilant at first, but the moment they recognize a well-known beer brand, they pass the brewers. At the end of the story, we are in the museum, where we can see original advertising poster of Lwiwske Eksportowe.


Associated Creative Director – Juliia Storchak Associated Art Director – Svitlana Polohailo Copywriter – Valeria Babko