ZHEESHEE Production Branding

Advertised product

Russian production company


Goals and Objectives: Create emotional brand identity for a Russian production company with a distinctive style and unique projects. Idea and Solution: 'Zhee-shee' is creativity defined. These two soundbites is a rule of thumb in Russian grammar that is taught universally in primary schools all over the country, and therefore can refer to carelessness of youth, eagerness to explore, and, of course, rebelliousness. What's more, these qualities are the building blocks of creativity itself and well-suited for a company that works in creative field. With this style, we disrupted the paradigm of 'form and substance' in visual art and created a bold, engaging black-and-white identity to remind people that logic and common sense don't matter if you follow your heart in a childlike creative passion. You are free to look and interpret these 'otherworldly' visuals in any way you want. Because if the viewer becomes engaged with the style and plays this game of 'guess', then they are already a part of ZHEESHEE Production philosophy and creative values.


Creative Direction: Stanislav Kokin Copywriting: Aleksader Tretyakov Design: Dmitry Kostuchenko, Stanislav Kokin Account Management: Ekaterina Denisova