Anti-compote from anti-granny

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S&R Garage Granny’s Anti-Сompote


In the world of Seth & Riley's Garage there were only two tastes – Lemon and Lemon Tea. In 2018, it's finally time to fix the situation and add a novelty. Our heroes – Seth and Riley – hang out in their garage. Constantly. And they were already bored. This year something needed to turn their world upside down with a dribble. And this "something" is a granny. The granny listens to Kendrick Lamar, knows everything about the trip hop and looks just incredible. This is not an ordinary granny, it's an anti-granny. And she brings the new taste of Seth & Riley's Garage – Granny's Anti-Compote. Thanks to the granny the familiar to all compote changes its face on 180 degree and becomes 1000 % cooler.


Creative Director – Eugene Kaminskiy Senior Art Director – Oksana Kapranova Junior Art Director – Anastasiia Dolinenko Designer – Mariia Sheremet