Co. Means Coffee

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Co. Means Coffee is a pets friendly cafe in Kharkiv. It is located in the business center of the city and designed for people who live or work here. The menu consists of coffee of various types of brewing, cocoa, tea and croissants. Our main challenge was to develop identity and interior, and the main conditions were the presence of an accent color and a sign. The name is phonetically associated with coffee, cocoa, company, so we decided to continue the line of such associations and use the blue cobalt color and image of the cow. Additionally the cow symbolizes the animal friendly orientation of the cafe and adds an image of fun and home comfort. Blue color has been complemented with warm shades of pink and ocher, and the cow has been depicted as simply and calmly as possible. The company typography consists of serif and sans serif fonts, which underline the youth and at the same time restrained character of the brand. In addition to the identification system, we designed special paper cups, business cards, menu and souvenirs (bags, stickers and magnets). The interior of the cafe is made with corporate colors using wood and metal. The brand identity visually distinguishes Co. Means Coffee among competitors and clearly marks the sympathy for visitors with animals.