VR Kyiv from dawn till dusk. The VR-tour

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Lenovo Explorer


Challenge: Lenovo launched its cutting-edge product Explorer VR headset globally. We needed to promote it on local market. Insight: Kyiv is considered to be the city of churches and boring monuments. But early adopters around the world are crazy for Kyiv modernism heritage. Idea: Kyiv from dawn till dusk. The VR-tour for Lenovo Explorer. Execution: For the tour we selected the iconic locations across the city and created the immersive tour available as a VR-application. Every location was shot from different points on Kandao camera and postproducted in 4K for excellent real-life experience. We added game mechanics to all locations and rewarded the most curious users. “Kyiv from dawn till dusk” has a phygital ecosystem with application chatbots in every location and physical pins of locations; Recording House, Podil Theatre, Vernadskii National Library, Art-zavod Platforma, Cycletrack and UNIT.City. Results: 1st ever Lenovo VR-application Ukrainian application available in Windows Market and Steam worldwide Local product adopted globally


NGN.agency, Stas Stoyackiy, Creative Director NGN.agency, Galya Alomova, Senior Creator NGN.agency, Iuliana Pianykh, Digital creator NGN.agency, Vitalii Gorenko, Art Director NGN.agency, Rita Bibikova, Designer NGN.agency, Anna Kupenko, Account Manager