Space Card Placed in Vacuum

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Space Card. Bank card for teens


Teens love space. Thus, Gazprombank invented Space Card — a bank card for teens. We’ve made it madly bright, as all alien worlds are. How to pack all these space stuff? In vacuum, for sure. Because space consists of vacuum. Introducing first bank cards ever placed in vacuum. True vacuum. True space. Space level private banking by Gazprombank.


Creative Director: Dmitry Chigirin; Art Director: Dmitry Krasnov; Senior Designer: Irina Vasilieva; Designer: Ekaterina Kuznetsova, Zhanna Ee, Daria Kirsanova; Account Director: Sergey Kovalev; Account Manager: Anastasia Volkolup, Tatiana Borisova; 3D-designer: Pavel Gubin