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CLIENT AND CHALLENGE The task was not just to design a prominent brand identity, but to work on brand platform and strategy for the promising streetwear brand DUO. It is created by famous hypekid Ivan Zinko and his mother, London based fashion and jewelry designer Natasha Zinko. CONCEPT Collaboration is the core value of DUO brand. Every collection is meant to be done by Ivan Zinko and a partner. As a creative director, Ivan is the one who decides who to work with. With said above, we created a visual language that welcomes any style or thinking. Colors, fonts, layouts, illustrations, and photos can change depending on who Ivan collaborates with. This way, any collection can be something new and bold. The only constant is the concept of working together. LOGO The logo is a composition of the three letters as chain links. It shows exactly what this brand is about: linking creative entities with this brand and coming up with new ideas, new collections and ultimately new waves of trends. We made two versions of the logo. First one is using the linked letters and the second logo is inspired by the slogan («Dripping Icy»). We wanted to have a functional logo that can be used in different scenarios and layouts. The more varied, the better, since in fashion, things always happen at a fast pace. COLLABORATION SAMPLES The idea in these next images is to emphasize the fact that this brand changes its visual tone depending on the collaboration partner. We created a series of key-visuals and posters, that demonstrate how the brand visual language works in different situations and communications. We imagined how DUO collaborates with such icons as Rolling Stones, Gucci, Nike, Lacoste, Supreme, Kaws, Hiroshi, and Snapchat. The strong point of DUO’s visual language is its ability to not only adapt to partners but to create new trends and influence, making it every time fresh and surprising. INHOUSE CHALLENGE We challenged ourselves to create various visual ideas to communicate the brand’s philosophy. To deliver the best result and to convey DUO idea, every single image was a result of a creative collaboration of two agency creatives. As a result, we ended up with a set of illustrations, photos, gifs and 3d graphics making an entertaining string of visuals, representing the power of communication of DUO brand’s values. So be ready to see some of this stuff in upcoming DUO collection.


Creative Directors – Boris Alexandrov & Anna Alexandrova Art Director – Pose Radu Copywriter – Dmytro Panasiuk Designers – Aleksandra Gerasymenko & Aleksander Osipenko 3D Artists – Sergey Makuhovskiy & Ilya Soldatov Illustrator – Aleksander Osipenko