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Cyberfestival Rukami

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Rukami is an international annual festival of ideas and technologies that brings technology enthusiasts together and inspires them to create future-forward projects. Visitors engage in technical creativity, invent weird and wonderful things, and share their skills and knowledge with others. In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic made offline events impossible, so festival organizers had to shift the festival online and create a completely new experience. The designers crafted a virtual space, divided it into areas with online activities, and gave each visitor their very own identity in the digital universe. The festival takes place in Metapolis, a huge virtual city planet where interesting things are happening all the time. Every website visitor becomes a resident of the planet city. Thanks to the developed algorithm for generating the appearance of characters, their variations are truly endless. They can be anywhere from fairly primitive to outright intricate. To determine the appearance of your character, you need to go through the process of immersion. An incredible immersion is the first thing a visitor sees on the website. Plunging into the atmosphere of the festival, the user answers questions and determines the appearance of his or her character. The website is never silent, it lives, constantly making fascinating sounds. Each scene has custom music matching the mood of the place. After finding their unique appearance on the website, users continue their way to the personal movie theater. There, a quest awaits them involving the character that is now their virtual avatar. Theater interiors are chosen to support the plot of the videos. In total, there are five personal theaters, one for each version of the quest. It’s immediately clear which one is going to show a video about space and which one will be about new technologies. All videos are distributed among the themed districts of Metapolis. Each district has its own unusual name and logo designed in unique lettering. https://2020.rukamifest.com/