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An offshore gas pipeline is a complex system that requires close constant monitoring. Even though the high-strength pipes are protected from corrosion, the buried pipeline is still exposed to various environmental factors. The interface allows to track the risk of anomalies, contains all the necessary data to ensure their prevention and presents all information for subsequent operation. Details of each anomaly are gathered in a card which allows a specialist immediately see the nature of the problem. Hovering the cursor over a specific area of the anomaly, the operator can instantly see all of its parameters. The interface allows viewing the pipeline on a surface in 2D mode as well as seeing the pipe with the surrounding seabed in 3D. Despite the complexity of the system, the interface looks atmospheric and fascinating thanks to the incredibly beautiful onboarding. At first login, users see a beautiful dynamic intro that takes them through the entire galaxy to the location of the pipeline on the globe. A new texture created specially for the project was used for all types of objects Its pattern depends on the direction of light that hits it: illuminated areas are represented with dots while the shaded areas are hatched. The texture draws completely automatically: simply set the parameters and it will change and shimmer by itself. A variety of animations were created for onboarding. They look spectacular and enhance the feeling of diving into an underwater world.