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Galaxy S21 Ultra


The TikTok generation is all about self-expression and co-creation. And everyone wants to create something with a top celebrity. But popular tiktokers rarely collaborate with their ordinary fans. In the summer of 2021, Samsung Galaxy, which recognizes no limits in creativity, turned the game around and launched a unique partnership. Rakhim, the #1 Russian hip-hop artist on TikTok and his 14 million followers have teamed up to film Rakhim's highly anticipated new video. Shot fully on a smartphone Galaxy S21 Ultra. At the first stage, Rakhim composed a tune called Swipe integrating the Galaxy brand into it. He shared a snippet of an unreleased track on his TikTok and invited subscribers to make their videos with this snippet. Not just videos, but ideas for a new video: dance moves, costumes, effects, locations etc. For three weeks, users have been sharing ideas with #RakhimShootWithGalaxy. The best ideas were then selected - 21 in total - and re-shot on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. This is how the first video filmed by 21 directors appeared. Each director participated in the process, discussed ideas and expressed opinions. Someone was able to come to the stage, someone connected online. And some even participated as actors. Together they made a powerful video. So powerful that many did not believe that it was filmed on a smartphone.