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Creating a legend and developing a design system for the new fitness equipment brand KRAFLA

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Sports equipment


At the starting point of the project, we had only the logo and the name – Krafla (“krabla” – a caldera in the north of Iceland, zone of volcanic activity). The new brand was a blank page that needed to be filled with meaning: we had to create a legend and develop a philosophy that would share values with its target audience. Together with the client's team, we chose an idea of the comparison of the natural forces hidden in the caldera and the internal energy of a person, which is revealed through the game. Krafla, which is protected from the winds from all sides, has become the metaphor of a place where there are comfortable conditions needed for sports activities. The brand's customers are not professional athletes who choose equipment for constant training and competitions, but fans of an active lifestyle and those who like to actively spend their leisure time. The decision to buy sporting goods is made spontaneously, and not planned in advance. They need an affordable brand with good values and clear idea: “The game is always with you; you just need to pick up a racket.” Athletes are used to the color coding: green is for beginners, yellow is for medium, orange and red is for professionals. Such color division is commonly used and can be called a standard, so we integrated it into the design system. The main focus was to use pure white background and neat graphics based on the movement of the ball during the game: in badminton, table tennis and tennis. The flight of the projectile has its own trajectories – we embodied them in the design elements. Catchy typography reflects the characteristics of the brand and helps to navigate the shelf and helps the products to stand out from the competitive landscape. Wide italic symbols maintain dynamics and symbolize constant movement during the game. A strict hierarchy of fonts organizes information by importance and logical blocks. The white color corresponds to the legend, reminds of the harsh northern nature and Scandinavian mentality. All together this creates a perception of a quality product from an experienced manufacturer, corresponding to the legend of the KRAFLA brand. The brand has successfully entered the market and today is presented both online and offline.