Kia Rio X-Line | in all cases at height

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How to unite Russia, the trend for the return of the 80's and early 90's, the military men's holiday and the car, the clearance of which has become higher for domestic roads? We turned to the" cranberry aesthetics "of recognizable militants, in particular to the legendary and memetic" RED HEAT " with Schwarzenegger, where the hero in the form of a policeman (and de facto – synthetic military hero) plays Russian. The action takes place in winter in Russia. On this basis, we made a postmodern mA'am cocktail of, stylistic quotes and straight lines, references and puns to recognizable scenes and phrases, writing the car into the plot of a fictional film that was named after its promoted advantage of "Ground Clearance."


Idea and scenario: Vyacheslav Malakhov (creative Director of DR-JUNG) Producer: Ksenia Vasilkova (DR-JUNG) Director: Sergey Osipyan (AddressFilm) Operator: Evgenia Abdel-Fattah (Address Film) Sound design: Alexander truhan (Vox-Records) Into the role: Anton Ryskin, Ekaterina Babicheva, Leila Erdman The text read: Sergey Chikhachev Curators of KIA Motors: Ilya Kurochkin Yekaterina Strokova