hike redesign.

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hike is a mass market beer, produced by one of Ukraine's biggest breweries. It needed a redesign of its completely outdated, 14-year-old label. We realized that hike was losing its market share to new players – craft beer, cidre and hard lemonade. Time is ripe for changes. That’s why we came up with the idea of a minimal and punchy textual design based on how the newer generation communicates. We removed all the ‘beer’ clichés – no hops, no mills, no barrels. This allowed the brand to achieve a minimalistic identity while maintaining a bold, punchy and expressive visual code.


Anze Jereb, Executive Creative Director; Denis Keleberdenko, Creative Director; Mariia Plotnikova, Art Director; Rostyslav Vyshnevyi, Art Director; Dima Kishka, Copywriter; Mariia Teterin, Head of Design Studio; Andriy Kosmeniuk, Designer; Ihor Chalyi, Designer; Oleksiy Katruk, Motion Designer; Oleksandra Huliai, Producer.