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Meng Niu Green Mood


In 2021, China saw a surge of ice cream market to around RMB 1,600 billion, topping the global list of market size. To respond to consumption upgrading, Mengniu Green Mood advocates low fat and low sugar to overturn consumers’ innate belief that ice cream is unhealthy. The green, healthy and delicious brand Basil and Apple Creamsicle, made innovatively of completely green natural materials and more advance processing technology, comes as a big hit among the younger consumers. The flavor unique to nature, the completely new taste and the unbelievably amazing mouthfeel produced jointly by basil and apple have come as incredible taste enjoyment to young consumers. With the product, Mengniu aims to allow customers access to the freshness of nature through the authentically pure vegetal flavor. A romantic world of basil and apple is created by using stunning fantasy CG. There a fantastic journey begins with a purple bird and ends with the celebrity Gong Jun who has a tremendous number of young fans. Finally the fantasy world becomes an ice cream. When the ice cream is bitten, the world of nature appears and turns around Gong Jun. Every bite will gain the authentic flavor of nature and every bite will start a fantastic journey. By way of elevator and social media exposure of the brand idea “a bite of nature”, the green concept, creativity and fantastic CG of Basil and Apple Creamsicle have been clearly and vividly conveyed. This has triggered the buying spree, among the younger generation highly valuing health maintenance and among the die-hard fans of Gong Jun, for the delicious and healthy ice cream products. Not only has this solidified effectively the younger generation’s recognition and favorability to the Green Mood brand of Mengniu, but has made a successful breakthrough to conventional way of advertising. The brand uniqueness is displayed artistically and innovatively. Dramatic changes in sales volume have taken place. Within just two weeks since being rolled out, Basil and Apple Creamsicle sold through e-commerce platforms has been out of stock. And the total sales volume has gone up by 40% compared with that of previous periods.