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Trade Union of Railway Workers


ROSPROFZHEL Rebranding of the oldest Russian trade union railroad and transport builders. ROSPROFZHEL is the largest organization in Russia with more than a century of history, with about 1,300,000 members. The trade union has divisions in 75 subjects of the country. As part of a deep rebranding, the values and mission of the organization were re-formulated. Developed: a new ROSPROFZHEL logo and identity, a brand platform and principles for constructing elements of the trade union's corporate identity. The result of the development was a brand book that describes the standards for the use of corporate identity. A series of awards has also been created for meritorious and particularly contributory members of the organization. Meanings and images in the new logo: The new logo merged into a single form: two images, the name of the trade union, as well as the year of its foundation. The locomotive logo element symbolizes a single moving forward force, consisting of unique and at the same time equally important people for the Trade Union. The “wing” element, through the metaphor of the phrase “Under our wing!”, speaks of the care of the organization for the members of the Trade Union. The circle shape, which is present not only as one of the elements of the logo, but also as the basis for building the entire sign, symbolizes integrity, perfection and movement in space. The founding date of the union indicates a long and successful history of existence organizations.