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range of vegetable oils in spray format


Brief: To develop a premium brand of range of oils for Russian market and export. Solution: To enter a global market today the product have to be innovative, organic, perfectly designed and easy-to-use. ALTARIA was created as a unique brand which embraces all magic of Altai region. ALTARIA is represented in format which is innovative for Russia - oil in spray. Brand concept: ALTARIA was established in preserved Altai region. Its untouched places, wild innocent nature, boundless fields, mountains, rivers take the best from nature. Our region gently keeps all its traditions. ALTARIA - is pure and natural premium brand of organic products. Due to farm raw material and careful technologies ALTARIA preserves all good and energy of Altai nature. A piece of precious region - the Altai energy.


Creative director - Anton Busygin Art-Director - Anna Vainer Designer - Daria Kalenchuk Copywriter - Julia Sankovich Illustrators - Galina Gurevich, Valentina Trofimova Account director - Natalia Zueva