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SPAR juice

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SPAR private label


SPAR JUICE — a new line of juices from SPAR hypermarkets. There are several flavors on sale: apple, cherry, tomato, peach and orange. SPAR intends to take more care of the nutrition of its customers, so the Depot team was faced with the task of developing a packaging design for a new line of juices. The objectives were to develop a packaging design for a new range of juice so that it would be relevant to the category and yet remind of the importance of nutritional balance. The target audience are people who are leading a healthy lifestyle, athletes and families with children. They are interested not in just brands but in the nutrition beverage composition. The problem is that people do not remember the importance of vitamins, which should be included in the diet every day for health and good mood. People have only work and a lot of problems in their heads. Every day we are surrounded by digital diagrams, complex graphs and tables, so we have created a design that allows us to show the simplicity and beauty of ideal shapes in circles. We created «Nutrigraphics» on the packaging of Spar juices to make the nutritional power visible to people. The radial charts become the main design elements. They show the real nutritional value of the juices in a simple way and also play the role of eye triggers. The key point was to show that the most important goal is to create a positive reminder of the importance of healthcare, so we developed a harmonious, restrained product design that reflects a balanced approach. The brand can be found on store shelves. We can already see it’s success and a huge potential for sales.