The Point of No Return

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In the night between the 16th and 17th of July, 1918, in the basement of a private home in Ekaterinburg, the Bolsheviks shoot Russia’s last tsar, Nicholas II, and his entire family. The murder of the Romanovs becomes the point of no return not only for Russia, but for the entire world. On the 100 year anniversary, 17 July 2018, next to the site of the killings, the online newspaper ZNAK.com creates the street art project “The Point of No Return.” An underground crossing. Two walls. Two posters. And one point in between them. The art project puts the viewer between the royal family and the firing squad. On the ground between the two images is the “point of no return” – a red circle, placed directly in the line of fire, to place the viewer at the center of the most tragic event in Russian history. On a budget of 0, the project was seen by 40 million people. The article concerning the “Point of No Return” was liked, shared and commented on more than 50 000 times. The project inspired a mass discussion, which showed the attitude towards the murders of the Royal Family is still not decided, even a century later.


Dmitriy Makarov - creative director Andrey Danskov - creative director Dmitriy Assinovskiy - art director Oleg Tveritin - art director Julia Pivneva - senior account manager Ilya Liynitskiy - account director Marina Ginzburg - producer