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The social movement "Target 99" seeks to 99% of household waste is to be sorted and processed in Belarus. The task of the advertising campaign was to create a culture of domestic appliances recycling and to draw adult's and children's attention to the problem. The importance and simplicity of recycling were conveyed through the game "Tetris". The disappearance of the figures in a row is a symbol of recycling technology. The game format shows that getting rid of old appliances is easy. We organized the event, the culmination of which was the huge "Tetris". The figures were old televisions, refrigerators and washing machines that need to be recycled. Children were conducting the process, controlling the movement of 3D figures on the control panel. With the help of visual experiments, children were told about the importance of recycling electronic waste. A key element of the campaign was a promo video in the Stop Motion style with the typical game "Tetris" graphics and eight-bit music.


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