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«SELF Club» is a unique sports complex in Moscow with a large and specially equipped swimming pool. Its properties allow conducting a great variety of water classes for the real diversity of people and their needs. The extensive list of water training includes individual, group, inclusive classes on different levels of skills. People of different age, gender, weight and physical abilities can practice synchronized swimming, water aerobics, diving, therapeutic swimming and even yoga under water. However the flow of clients was not so huge. And «SELF Club» addressed us to create new identity which would attract more people to the pool. It turned out that 47% of people in Moscow feel insecure and unconfident when they come to swimming pools. Some of them think that swimming is difficult and they won’t succeed in it, some are afraid of deep water, many of them are ashamed of their body imperfections or disabilities and feel embarrassed being undressed. We needed to create visual identity that would convey the atmosphere of friendliness and ease, show people the wide range of programs they can choose and encourage them to try water classes. So we chose simplicity and friendly irony to break the barriers and created a visual language telling people that water makes things easy and people equal. Focusing on the physical properties of water, optical illusions, the sense of depth and the dynamics of objects, we opted to communicate the variety of water classes for all kinds of people. Thus we announced that «SELF Club» is the believe-in-yourself and love-yourself club.


Creative director – Alexey Fadeev Art director – Nikita Ivanov Designer – Nikita Ivanov Designer – Raushan Sultanov Copywriter – Anastasia Tretyakova