MINE crypto currency corporation

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Positioning and brand style creation for Mine crypto currency corporation


Positioning New brand positioning was placed in between the drivers for the audience and the new brand ambitions. WE DEVISE THE WAY IT GOES We came to reconsider both the world of money and the world at large. Forget the way it used to go. Everything will go otherways. Money, the way we make it and life itself. Faster, more interesting, brighter and more concentrated. Do not look back – there is no sense in doing this. It will never be the way it used to go. Follow the changes – the future is there. We are changing and change the world around us. Join us and change yourself. Identity System Brand essence for Mine rests on the changes that it brings to the customers, industry and the world. The dynamic and “moving” corporate style is built on the values of change. Letter “I” in the logo comes as the trigger of change. Having, at root, remained as a constant “I” lives its life and moves within the logo and by changing the angle of slope it transmutes into the new images. The neat and restrained writing emphasizes brand reference to the cutting-edge technologies. However, the breadth of the corporate style usage shows the brand’s innovative nature and ambitions.


Креативный директор – Владимир Федосеев Арт-директор – Ксения Охотникова Арт-директор – Сюзанна Белкина Дизайнер – Арина Юшкевич Дизайнер – Ника Торопцова Дизайнер – Сюзанна Белкина Директор по стратегии – Дарья Шоломицкая Аккаунт менеджер – Александр Бакин