The larger the heart – the shorter the life

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Healthy lifestyle


Problem A current trend towards body positivity advocates fat acceptance. This trend has made a shift claiming obesity not to be an issue. Meanwhile, extreme obesity increases the risk of stroke. Excess adipose tissue and difficulty in blood flow cause inflammation contributing to stroke. So despite this body positivity trend, extreme obesity remains a real health problem to fight and keep track of. Solution Interregional public organization "Youngers for healthy lifestyle" aims to draw attention to this growing public health problem. If you can accept obesity, it doesn’t mean that your heart can. A heart tattoo on an obese person is meant to demonstrate stress his or her heart is under, and that the life of this person may tragically shorten. Bodycopy Your heart is not positive about it. Extreme obesity may shorten life expectancy up to 14 years. Every year it causes around 4 million deaths, the majority of which due to cardiovascular diseases.