The Kids

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"Dolgo&Schastlivo" charity fund


In Russia, the average pension is $208. Very often old people live separately from family and need to survive alone. The older they become the more helpless they are. At the same time a charity fund from Saint Petersburg focused on helping them, faced another problem - people are not ready to donate to pensioners. When so many around you suffer for different reasons, the elderly become the last who they would choose to help. That’s why we had to stop speaking about old people… and focus on supporting kids. Since that time the fund starts help girls and boys… from 60 to 90 years old. It started with social advertising video about the girl living alone. As soon as it appeared it was shared by the public, bloggers and picked up by journalists. With such a message it gets 3 million impressions with 0 media budget The copy-driven outdoor campaign stressing the needs of such kids in attention and support reached across Saint Petersburg The special digital context activation became «the trojan horse» that boosted public attention one more time.Advertising for social media asked to help the lonely kids. And then after a click, it was revealed that the “kids” were actually 80 years old and the pictures were retouched from real retro ones. In one year, the amount of donations increased by 40%. As well as the amount of beneficiaries. Moreover, the fund was proposed to join government program and now will open two more offices in Pskov and Novgorod regions to help their elderlies. Because there is no stronger idea than truth. … elderly people are like children, don’t leave them without help.


Agency: Havas Creative Group Russia Creative Director/scenario: Evgenia Arabkina Art-director: Alexey Vereketa Digital producer: Alexey Savov Digital art-director: Kseniya Golovina Designer: Tatyana Anohina Head of agency production: Irina Svetlakova Account director: Maria Kerentsova Motion designer - Roman Martynov Director: Sergey Musorin Composer/Sound designer/Sound engineer/Voice over: Petr Osipov Production: AdService DOP: Yan Yasinskiy 1st AD: Denis Sokolov Casting: Alexey Yarigin Editor: Nikolay Ryahovskiy Client: Charity fund «Dolgo&Schastlivo Director - Natalia Shvedovchenko