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Yandex.Taxi pays great attention to building emotional bonds with its audience. Video is the main thing these days, and conventional advertising like radio ads and billboards are less perceivable. So it was necessary to find a creative solution. Yandex presented its voice-activated virtual assistant Alice, which has become hugely popular in Russia. Alice is installed on 53% of all smartphones in Russia today. Combining two services, the project team has decided to make Alice a main character in this film about a taxi driver. Designed in Screen life format, the film tells the love story between Yandex.Taxi driver Misha and an artificial intelligence system called Alice. The film was produced by Medialab, Yandex.Taxi’s in-house creative media laboratory. Famous producer and acclaimed director Timur Bekmambetov, well-known for his works in Screenlife format, was part of the project. On premiere day, the film got almost a million views and thousands of comments. More than 30 important lifestyle media publications, including Esquire, L’Officiel, and Marie Claire, published articles about the film. The film itself provoked discussions on social media about the relationship between AI and a humanity, taxi safety, etc. The project was supported by bloggers and influencers, and the overall film coverage on social media has exceeded 5 million viewers. The film was so well-received by the audience and the brand, that the project team decided to put a branded web series into production about the relationships between Alice, taxi drivers, and their passengers.