Stillness in motion

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Premium Yandex.Taxi


Yandex.Taxi launched an image campaign in support of its premium rates - Business, Premium, and Ultima by presenting its Stillness in motion commercial, filmed by British director Andy Margetson. The Stillness in motion video is a continuation of the popular internet dance flash mobs, while the fluid magic and grace of dance exhibited by the talented Irina Kononova, cast member of the popular Dancing on TNT television show, makes this work of art stand out. The main idea of the commercial is to show how important it is for a big city dweller to find balance between the rapid pace of life, which is accompanied by constant phone calls and texts, and those moments when it is possible to be alone, to exhale and to tune into yourself. Beautiful, quiet, but at the same time emotionally saturated video, was shot in the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, exclusively presented in the Ultima class. It is designed to convey the range of emotions of the person who chose a luxury car for the trip.