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Russia: 85 Adventures

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The Russia: 85 Adventures project


'Russia: 85 Adventures' is a collection of the best adventures one can experience in Russia. Project goals - • show the multifaceted culture, traditions and customs of the country, • arouse interest in the diversity of regions, • stimulate tourism, • to involve Russians in the search for interesting facts and activities in their native places. The organizers of the project filmed and posted adventure videos on the platform - https://85adventures.rbth.com - and on social networks. In order to involve Russians in the search for interesting facts about their native region, the project also launched a competition among social network users to motivate them to shoot and publish their own videos about their regions. According to the results of the competition, 10 winners were selected who received branded souvenirs. Now, more than 100 adventure videos have been posted on the project platform, which were filmed by the project organizers, winners of the competition and videos from Russian museums.