FooortePay: the longest bank advertisement in the world

Advertised product



Case: In Kazakhstan, not everyone is accustomed to using plastic cards: 37% of Kazakhstanis withdraw funds as soon as they receive them. Goal: To show that using cash is inconvenient, while ForteBank has a simple solution - transfers by phone number. Idea: To shoot absurdly long lasting advertisement which is uncomfortable and uneasy to watch, just like to use cash in the 21st century. But, in order to feel this, you need to watch the video for all 9 hours from start to finish. We knew that no one would do that. For this reason exactly, we hid in the video 1 million KZT (phone number digits appeared throughout the entire video), which can be found only by watching the video from the very start to the very finish.


Creative Director: Nikita Yermolayev Copywriter: Rassul Abidov Producer: Yelena Dmitriyeva Art Director: Diana Korchevskaya Cameraman: Ruslan Chernykh (Cheapass Video) Editing: Ruslan Chernykh (Cheapass Video), Viktor Brodyagin, Arthur Jandildin, Yevgeniy Pichugin (Kruto.kz production)