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The biggest Sound Crush Test in Ukraine! We distributed the speakers to extreme sports bloggers: graffiti artist, rooftopper, motocross rider, wakeboarder, breakdancer, drifter, etc. to conduct the largest crash test for sound in Ukraine! Their task was to challenge the speakers in their own style. The bloggers published the video evidence that the speaker survived on their social media and gave the link to the places where one could buy these speakers. Dozens of commercials and creative materials for different media channels were created from the footage. And to make even more noise, during the biggest musical event in Ukraine, we branded and changed the color of the main screen of the Shazam application.


Denys Lohvynenko – CEO Oleksii Morozov - Creative Director Anastasiia Kunts - Art Director Yuliia Borhulenko - Sr Copywriter Lena Nekrasova - Sr Account Manager