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In 2021, Vivienne Sabó released a new Cabaret Latex mascara. Its main advantage is an innovative texture that makes the look incredibly expressive, sensual, and truly sexy. The new mascara, thanks to its latex texture, turned out to be very sexy itself. But in Russian society, the topic of sex and sexuality is still quite taboo, ambiguous. At the same time, social media and brands have been broadcasting certain images for many years, setting norms for what is considered sexy and what is not. All this forms stereotypes and prevents people from feeling their sexuality due to non-fitting with broadcast standards. Vivienne Sabó, who creates advertising "with meaning", decided to break stereotypes again, opening sexuality to everyone, removing taboos from its manifestation. After all, sexuality does not have gender, age, weight – it is a pure, accessible to everyone desire in a look, emphasized by a new mascara. This desire can arise between anyone and anytime. Instead of the standard beauty video, we have released a full-length video clip, taking place in the subway. It has become the key coverage part of the campaign. The spark between random passengers, thanks to the look from Cabaret Latex, turns into a fire, transferring the characters into a bold sexual fantasy, where all boundaries are erased. At the climax, the characters find themselves in the water, where the persistent Cabaret Latex remains just as good. There are a lot of different people on the screen – of different ages and bodies. The images of the main characters resemble androgynous characters, emphasizing the insignificance of conventions for expressing real sensuality.