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Kultura - the basis of your creativity

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Kultura is a specially developed turbo yeast for the production of premium alcohol. With its help, you can achieve the right organoleptics, it creates ideal conditions for everything to work out as it should. We had a very responsible task before us: to create a new brand of turbo yeast which can become a good basis for creating an alcoholic beverage. We have developed a brand platform, naming and packed the product. When you create something and if it turns out the way it should then you want to share it. And you feel that you are educating and creating your own culture. That is how the understandable and deep naming ‘Kultura’ was born. Naming is supplemented with the descriptor ‘the basis of your creativity’. In addition to the meaning we are used to, the yeast culture is also played in naming. After all, this is also a kind of growth and development, albeit in a small space. Most often men are engaged in moonshining. They love to create something with their own hands, they are proud of what they have done. Men use time-tested turbo yeast, but at the same time they are constantly in search for new formulations. When working with the target audience, it turned out that experiments are important for them, but without any risk, and creativity, but without flip-flops. Therefore, the key promise sounds like ‘creativity without risks’. Husks from the strategic part helped to catch the right intonations in the visual concept of the project. In style, we have recreated the sense of clarity and understandability inherent in our sommeliers using a technical font and a clear structure on the visual. The idea is revealed in the differentiation of the line through numbering. A sort of Kultura №1 and Kultura №2 are the best examples, models to emulate. Kultura №4 is turbo yeast with coal. Or Kultura №6 is turbo yeast for making whiskey. In general, the naming is coolly revealed on the packaging. The style is based on the Formular font that refers to technological design and structure. A color spot, a shadow from a number catches the eye and serves as an excellent differentiator. There are the main designations of the main product features at the bottom of the packaging. ‘Kultura’ is domestic turbo yeast, with which moonshining becomes something more. First of all, it’s about emotions that are expressed in the eyes of loved ones when they try the created beverage.