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Geeky House - an international publisher with Arabic character

Advertised product

Games publisher


Geeky House is an international games publisher with an Arabic character. It aims to attract attention to its products: the sights of gamers, influencers, consumers, and developers. That’s why the idea of “all eyes on you” became the basis of a new identity. A visual demonstration of the result of the brand's work when the attention of all stakeholders are turned to the monitor screen. The main style-forming element - a black rectangular frame - represents the monitor. "Glow" also supports the idea of turning a rectangle into a gadget screen. The most difficult task for identity was hyper-adaptability. The style should work equally well for any game, with any graphics, with any languages, identities, and cultural codes of both: the Arab and European worlds. The unique font solution of the logo also works as a powerful brand identifier. The letter “G” is stylized in Arabic script, and “Y”, and “K” is a joystick.