Face the cake

Advertised product

Ms. Sweet TV series


On the Super TV channel there has premiered a show called Ms. Sweet, about a housewife who, after being cheated on by her husband, decides to start her life anew and opens a baking business. To promote the show, we have created an ad for a non-existent service called “Face the Cake”. The idea is that the service allows you to order a cake for an enemy of yours that special professional messengers will throw into their face. For example, the ad’s characters use the service to take revenge on a noisy, drill-using neighbor or an office colleague who’s reheating bad-smelling fish for lunch. Voice behind the scene: Ever wanted to… take revenge on someone? We are convinced that you should make it a sweet one! Ms. Sweet presents a unique service: “Face the cake”. It doesn’t matter who the target of your revenge is. Whether it’s the ex who forgot you too soon... The little jerk who’s always out of tune... Or the colleague who’s reheating her foul lunch again. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied, since 98 percent of our cakes hit their target. Delivery is done by professional messengers who possess all the necessary qualifications. Order it from our website right now and get a second cake for free! We aren’t afraid of trouble, and all the legal red tape is our business! Order the “Face the cake” service from our website today!