Branding for Dostaevsky

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The Objective To launch Dostaevsky 3.0. To update the company’s identity to reflect its new positioning, moving away from hype towards happiness without losing recognizability. The brand’s new positioning is based around interpersonal relationships and friendship. Its role is to provide both services and moral support to people who build lasting friendships and who like to get together with friends over a meal. The Solution We conveyed the theme of friendship using thematic illustrations and original content. We wrote sound, friendly advice to be used in place of humorous puns, creating a system of original content for media of all kinds. The client team often has to develop mock-ups rapidly, within an extremely short space of time. We developed abstract multipurpose graphics for instantaneous production, based on the analogy of ingredients that go together to make up a dish. People recognize Dostaevsky by its dark purple brand colour. We prescribed rules for the use of core and additional colours. The original fonts were awkward to use; the former header consisted of two fonts that had nothing to unify them, and had accents in random places. We selected a new font pairing: the buoyant and expressive Agipo Bold by Radim Peško and the Basis Grotesque typeface, with its bold and distinctive characters. We also created a character to match the logo. The grandfather was given a role and purpose as a helper: rather than telling jokes, he provides advice, and only appears where he is needed. We levelled the height of the letters in the logo to strengthen the design, and replaced the rectangular outline with a variable one to suit different event scenarios. This made the logo easier to use and gave it more personality.


Pavel Konyukov — Art Director Alexey Salmin — Designer Alina Vikhareva and Natalya Epifanova —Project Managers Deymantas Shvazhas — Visual Communications Director, Dostaevsky Sergey Razumov — Marketing Director, Dostaevsky.