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Glovo - 1 year in Kazakhstan

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Problem: Glovo operates in a highly competitive market - a grocery and goods delivery service. Competitors are increasing their promotional budgets seeking to increase coverage and visibility. Objective: Fill the info-field with a bright and memorable event, to establish ourselves as the Top of mind among other market players. Achieve this with a creative idea. Besides, Glovo is celebrating its first anniversary on the Kazakhstan market, it's the right time to surprise its customers. Solution: While searching for an idea for the project, we found out that Glovo has the most loyal customers. They had placed between 290 and 350 orders in a year! It was suggested to thank the five most loyal customers and make presents for them. To deliver in a bright and impressive way. Date of publication: September 23, 2020. Media channels: Instagram (public and personal pages of users), facebook, media (Nur.kz, KAZINFORM, SPUTNIK, etc.), twitter, whats up, telegram, etc. organic reach.