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In order to attract the attention of users of social networks to the need of responsible use of resources russian retail store M.Video launched eco-friendly advertising campaign… with the help of the world’s first energy-saving post. The black post. Thanks to the technical specification, in which the screens of most smartphones in the black color mode save up to 10% of the charge, we made an advertisement that really saves energy. And moreover, it purposes to save the same amount energy at their houses with the help of energy-saving lamps. Because M.Video really cares.


Havas Creative Group Russia Team Creative Director: Evgenia Arabkina Senior Copywriter/author of idea: Oleg Ukolov Senior Art-director: Olga Plakhotnik Account manager: Maria Kerentceva CEO: Sandra Kapcic M.Video Team Irina Astafieva - Trade Marketing Director Anna Bairamova - Trade Marketing Manager Olga Nefedova - Trade Marketing Manager Ekaterina Palamar - Trade Marketing Manager Vladimir Chaika - Mobile products division Head Vadim Eremin - Senior Product Manager Elizaveta Davydova - Brand development Head Anton Volodkin - Operational Marketing Director Natalya Egorova - MarCom Director Natalya Zhuchkova - Media & Ecommerce Head Maria Solovieva - Media Planning Manager Oxana Platonova - Head of Service Projects Department Alexandra Malchenkova - Service Technology Manager Oxana Yumagulova - Partnership programs Director Kirill Dzyuba - Business Development Retail Manager Oxana Platonova - Head of Service Projects Department Stanislav Gorshenin - Head of Customer Care Valeriya Marchenko - Division Marketing Manager Ekaterina Sitnikova - PR manager Grigory Neborsky - SMM Manager Valeriya Andreeva - PR Director Valeriya Antonova - Internal communications Manager Alexandr Mescherkin - Creative Group Head Maria Zakharova - Content Management Director Alexey Shvek - Editor-in-chief