LEGO Ninjago "Spin round the country!"

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LEGO Ninjago


In April 2018 LEGO launched a new SKUs in the LEGO Ninjago line - Spinners and Flyers. The whole Russia was supposed to find out about the new sets. Some tasks needed to be solve to do it: • Organize a memorable launch of the Spinners and Flyers • Find a new target audience in new offline channels A new product requires a new approach. Therefore, we focused on education sector and especially russian schools in which a new trend, edutainment, is gradually becoming more popular. For example, we developed a major compaign using different communication channels, chief among which is Spinjitzu arts school «Become a ninja! Spin round the country!» where children could learn how to become an agile ninja. Children expect something fascinating and exciting when they come to school. The school of Spinjitsu masters showed how to make this dream come true!


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