PS 4 Good

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‘Sonya Graffiti’ is a national phenomenon in Russia characterised by ‘thank you’ messages that men leave on the walls in cities to celebrate women for giving birth to their sons and daughters. These graffitis have become so widespread that authorities have nearly given up trying to fight the trend. Most of them bear the name ‘Sonya’, short for Sofia, which is one of the most popular baby names in Russia. Incidentally, Sonya is also a popular slang term for the Sony PlayStation in the Russian language. Seeing a connection between the Baby Name, Graffiti, and the Brand, Sony decided to help move the beautiful tradition to the digital world, and at the same time, help prevent vandalism in the country. Sony teamed up with GIPHY to create and launch unique ‘Thank You’ stickers for Instagram Stories. Anyone could find them in their INSTAGRAM app cameras searching for keyword 'SPASIBO', so that men could take pictures or videos and apply the stickers to any wall in Russia. Since the launch on International Women's Day, the virtual graffiti have been used over 15,000,000 times, and we estimate that we've saved about 15,000,000 million walls in the process. In doing so, Sony has successfully used the brand name and the power of PS 4 Good.


Dmitry Tutkov — Executive Creative Director Dmitry Kostuchenko — Art Director Oleg Barinboim — Creative Director Sergey Polyakov — Account Manager Sevda Jalal — Agency Producer KODO Production