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Once a political holiday, March 8 or International Woman’s Day is now for Russians just an occasion to show their feelings to their loved ones and to please them with various gifts and flowers. As a rule, the latter are bought at the last moment and flower shops take an advantage of the rush and crank up the price. The Village, an online magazine for smart Moscow citizens, decided to fight this trend. Using the currency exchange rate sites as a model, The Village created a Rose Exchange Rate Site where the price of a single flower was tracked daily via a special algorithm, which analyzed more than 500 Moscow flower shops. From March 1st to March 8th, the result was updated every hour so readers could observe the alarmingly steady increase in price of a rose – and get directions or links to places where they could buy the cheapest bouquet in town.


Creative Director: Ilya Pryamilov Art director: Yulia Grezina Copywriter: Alexey Kalyan Web-developer: Dmitry Ulmer-Morozov